According to Fox News, cardboard cutout police are being used in Williamson County near Austin to slow down speeding drivers. Would this be a good idea for Lufkin, Diboll, Hudson, Nacogdoches?

First off, Nobody is speeding in Nacogdoches, unless they're from out of town and zooming on the loop to get where they're going. They'll get caught and learn to take it slow in Nac from then on.

Secondly, everyone knows Diboll's reputation for driving the speed limit or getting a ticket.

Thirdly, the back roads of Lufkin, Hudson, and surrounding areas are too curvy, and seeing a cardboard police man might make someone jolt in the other direction and cause more accidents.

Lastly, we have a lot of great police officers in our area. I can't fathom any scenario where they'd have to supplement their numbers with cardboard cutouts.

If they did have cardboard cutouts of officers, don't think you'd be able to tell the difference. These graphic design places can whip up such realistic silhouettes or faux human poster people that driving even 20 miles per hour might  have the eagle eyes doing double takes.

This creative idea might seem surprising, but it is working where they've implemented it. So let us know if you spot one road side here in East Texas. They may have cameras that can detect your speeds and end up mailing you a ticket too, so don't get too cocky.

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