Carrie Underwood sang snippets of both 'Blown Away' and 'Two Black Cadillacs' at the 2013 Grammy Awards -- ultimately delivering one of the most impressive vocal performances of the night.

Rising star Hunter Hayes introduced his tourmate by singing a piece of his hit 'Wanted' before Underwood presented a stripped-down acoustic version of 'Blown Away,' the record of which is a big, glossy pop-country production. The live version on Sunday (Feb. 10) was starker and even more emotive, centering around the singer's remarkable voice.

Underwood is inarguably one of the few singers who could pull that off live, but then she followed it with a full-blown band rendition of 'Two Black Cadillacs,' which shook the room. The full instrumental did nothing to dampen Underwood's voice, which was more than powerful enough to work in that arrangement.

The performance was visually impressive, as well, with lasers projecting graphics onto Underwood's dress -- which necessitated her standing mostly still while she sang.

Watch Carrie Underwood Perform at the 2013 Grammys

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