Hunter Hayes released the second song off of  his upcoming yet-to-be-titled album at midnight on Friday (June 14), titled "One Good Reason."

The song is an emotional ballad that Hayes performed at his fan club party during CMA Fest 2019, where he also announced the release of the song.

Hayes spoke with Stage Right Secrets ahead of the announcement, sharing that the song is "from the album, the next song to be released from the album called 'One Good Reason,' and I'm really excited for the fans to hear it."

Hayes goes onto say that he was thrilled to finally speak about it.

"We've been playing it at the show, but I haven't been able to say anything about it, which is tricky, but now I get to tell everybody," he says, adding: "The whole thing is kind of sad."

The song follows the arc of a relationship that has ended, and though the protagonist wants to find a reason to put the blame on his former lover, he can't.

"One good reason not to love you / One good reason wouldn't even be enough to / Unpaint all those pictures / There's no way to unremember / I'd love to just unlove you / I've tried to, but I can't find / One good reason," Hayes sings.

This second release follows his first single "Heartbreak" off the upcoming album. During the fan club party, he also teased to the fans that he will be hitting the road again very soon and will release the album once it is done to his liking.

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