While for many people, Thanksgiving is a family affair, Carrie Underwood's Thanksgiving celebration will be a friend affair this year.

"We kind of got a lot of our friends together that don't really have a lot of family in the area, all the people that are kind of like 'we'd be alone on Thanksgiving,'" Underwood told PopSugarTV recently. "So, we are all gonna get together and make food and cook and eat and drink wine."

The 'Two Black Cadillacs' singer and recent American Music Awards winner also dished on her recent collaboration with Aerosmith. Underwood recorded the duet 'Can't Stop Loving You' with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler on the band's recent album, 'Music From Another Dimension!'

"He's somebody that I love his talent and love his voice," said Underwood of Tyler. "I feel like he's been influencing me my whole life and I didn't even know it... until I really got to know him and was like, 'Oh my gosh, I feel like I take so many vocal cues from you and I wasn't even aware of it.' Being able to be on that album is definitely a bucket list thing. I can't believe I am on an Aerosmith album."

A duet with an iconic rock star would definitely make our list of things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving!

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