Merrell in the Morning Video of the Day

Chainsaw With a V8 Engine
What do you get when you custom build a chainsaw powered by a 253 V8 engine?  You get a mean machine that I would love to see at the Texas Forest Festival.
MITM Video of the Day - Recliner Car
On one hand I'd like to know just how crazy you have to be to even come up with the idea of turning your Laz-y-Boy into a motorized vehicle.  But, then on the other, this guy's gotta be a genius to actually make this thing work.
Star Spangled Cymbal Fail Leads to Great Patriotic Save
One day, this kid should be President of the United States.
This junior high band is doing a good job of playing our National Anthem, when all of sudden, equipment failure on the only set of cymbals.  What would you or your kid do?  Hopefully, the same thing this kid does on our Merrell in …

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