Chase Rice's music video for "Eyes on You" features footage he shot of a trip he took with friends ... and his girlfriend at the time. The three-day destination shoot was not without drama, however.

For instance, Rice tore his pectoral muscle during the last snowboarding run. "The part where I’m pulling my board up I just lean back a little too far and just push off the mountain and when it hit, I had to go down," he tells Taste of Country. "We just didn’t show that part, but yeah, it popped as soon as my hand hit the mountain."

The 31-year-old has healed enough to continue a lifestyle that includes plenty of fly-fishing, golfing and hunting, but he's not quite 100 percent yet. The same can't be said of his relationship with his love interest in the video. Rice keeps details of his love life private in most cases, but shards that he and the woman in the video were dating at the time and aren't any longer. He insists it's not awkward to be taking their relationship public postmortem.

"It’s a cool deal because it’s not one of those hateful breakups. She’s an awesome girl. It’s just not the right time right now," he says.

As for the release of the music video?

"She’s pumped for it. You know, she’s never done anything like that. She’s a normal girl. She’s not a model, she doesn’t do any of that bulls--t, which I love. That’s what I love about her."

Rice's friend also brought his girlfriend on the trip, but she got sick during the first day so they asked the woman fitting people for snowboards and boots at the resort if she wanted to play the part. She agreed (after they assured her she wouldn't have to kiss anyone). There's a home video feel to the "Eyes on You" music video, which was intentional. Rice shot several scenes himself, with a GoPro camera.

"We wanted to make it real. We wanted to make it me. We didn’t want to do some bulls--t and just go along with the storyline of the song," he says. "We let the song speak for itself, plus we’ve done like 'Three Chords and the Truth,' we did 'Amen.' Both videos are tear-jerkers. That’s not really who I am. Let’s make it fun for a change."

Don't expect this window into Rice's love life to be cracked wider anytime soon. He's not ready to settle down — he prefers to take adventure trips with friends over romantic trips with a lover.

"Most people probably won't know I'm getting married ... it'll just happen," he says. "Eyes on You" is the second single from Rice's Lambs & Lions album.

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