Chewbacca Mom showed up at the Grand Ole Opry on Friday night (July 22) and left with a legit country music touring gig.

Candace Payne joined “My Girl” singer Dylan Scott on the Opry stage. Scott shared video of himself backstage after his show — he begins the clip wearing the famous Chewbacca mask, strumming a guitar before Payne comes in and busts him for stealing her gear. She’s joking of course. It turns out the two have quite a bit of respect for one another.

Payne filmed her own Facebook Live video after taking the stage. She’s touring backstage at the Opry, showing her fans a few pictures and rooms inside the most famous room in Nashville, and then she sides up to Scott and gushes. “You all are gonna love him, if you don’t know about his music you need to Google him,” Chewbacca Mom says.

Payne says she actually took the stage in the Chewbacca mask. Fans who didn’t know she could sing haven’t seen her covers on YouTube. She also sang the National Anthem at a baseball game recently. And she proves really sing in Scott’s video!

It's not clear which tour dates Payne will join Scott for in August, but they do speak seriously about a run of dates, and singing songs together on stage. Nothing is listed on Payne's Facebook page yet. Chewbacca Mom first became famous when a video of her buying and wearing a Chewbacca mask went viral. The native Texan and Star Wars fan couldn't stop laughing as she wore the mask in her car, outside of a department store.

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