Earlier this Spring, when my daughter came home from college for a visit, she was extremely excited to learn that Lufkin would soon have a Chipotle Mexican Grill Restaurant.  She referred to their cuisine as 'food from the gods'.  Well, the wait is over. 

Chipotle will have their grand opening to the public on Thursday, June 25th.  They are located in front of Home Depot off the South Loop in Lufkin.

Many restaurants have a special training day where lucky invitation holders get a free meal the day before the store opens.  My daughter somehow managed to get two of those invites, and since her boyfriend is 4 hours away, and her mom is at a conference, I (the tertiary choice) was allowed to join her.

I had never been to a Chipotle, but I had only heard great reviews so I was excited to go.   As you can tell by the video, the staff was super friendly and they made it very easy for a rookie like me to make my decisions. You have the choice of a salad, bowl, or burrito.  I chose to get a burrito and basically filled that thing to the hilt with delicious barbacoa, black beans, salsa, brown rice, sour cream, and guacamole.  If you're going to take a burrito to maximum density, however,  I would suggest a bowl, since that's basically what the burrito becomes as no mortal flour tortilla can hold in all those delicious ingredients.

Straight to the point, I see why so many are so excited about the presence of Chipotle in Lufkin.  The food is phenomenal and I look forward to trying the different items on their menu.