Clint Black is celebrating 25 years of Killin' Time, and today he looks back on his early dreams for his music in a video exclusive to Taste of Country.

Black rocketed to instant success after a long period of struggle with Killin' Time, which was released in 1989 and had an extraordinarily long chart run. The album scored five hit singles, including career-making songs like "Killin' Time" and "A Better Man," and remains one of Black's defining albums to this day. He is marking its 25th anniversary by taking over Taste of Country all this week, releasing a string of new videos that fan can only find here.

In the clip above, Black assembles the core creative team for Killin' Time to discuss the dreams they had before the album was released, and how its success helped make those dreams come true.

"We were playing gigs, sleeping until noon, working until 4AM," Black recalls. "I wouldn't pay attention to the door if somebody knocked on it, because I was doing the night owl thing, but one morning someone knocked on the door, and for some reason I got up, and it was a postal delivery."

It turned out to be from RCA, and it contained a box of LPs and cassettes of Killin' Time.

"For the first time, it felt like this thing, this dream, was real. It really did happen," Black relates. "It makes me emotional now to think of it, because my reaction to it was to sob. I broke down."

Black had already been through 10 years of struggle at that point, playing clubs, going through the process of building his band, writing the songs and finding a producer. Killin' Time was the end result of all of that effort.

"It hadn't sold one copy" at that time, he recalls. "But it was suddenly more real than it had ever been ... 'This is gonna work. Country fans are gonna like these songs.' All of those things were dreams, and from that point on, everything was different."

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