Does the type of car you have make a difference when it comes to your odds getting a traffic ticket?

There's one car brand that gets ticketed more than any other, and here's the heads up.

If you drive an old beater, maybe that's a good thing.  There aren't really any clunkers on this list of the most-ticketed vehicles.

Motortrend says the Lexus ES 300 gets more tickets than any other model. They used data from insurance companies, and figured out that 33 percent of drivers of the Lexus ES 300 get tickets at some point during the year. NIssan 350Z, Dodge Charger, and Volkswagon Jetta drivers also get fined a lot, according to the most-ticketed list.

Doesn't it kinda matter how fast we drive and how many red lights we run? Hmm.  If we get a ticket, maybe we can just blame it on the car.  Sorry officer, it's that darned Lexus' fault that my lead foot was fifteen miles over the limit on 59.

So what cars tend to get the least number of tickets?  The Buick Encore tops that list, then the Lexus IS 350, Acura ILX, and Cadillac ATS.

When is the last time you got pulled over?  I got a ticket for an illegal U-Turn a couple of months ago and asked the officer where in the heck the "no U-Turn sign was," and he said, "Right there!"  Oops.   I apologize to other Chevy Traverse drivers for boosting our ticket stats.  Drive safely!

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