Cole Swindell shares a glimpse of himself on the heartfelt and reflective "I'll Be Your Small Town," a new song featured on his new album, All of It.

It's one he wrote with Cole Taylor and Chase McGill, and the sweet ballad has him trying to convince a California girl that the small town boy will grow on her. "Ain't nothing fancy 'bout how I talk / It's little bit slow, full of ain't and y'alls / Somewhere between some old school Strait and McGraw," Swindell sings in the opening verse.

He promises her that when life gets too fast, she can rely on him to help slow things down.

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The vividly descriptive lyrics paint the perfect picture of a quaint town that surely convinces the California girl to leave the hustle and bustle of the Golden State to be closer to her small town boy.

"I can be your pine tree shade in the middle of summer / Your tin roof, rain cover from the thunder / Your back view hallelujah Sunday morning prayer / Yeah, I'll be where / You can go when you know that it's all spinning too fast / Slow kinda road, thirty-five on the dash / That dot on the map for your heart when you need to slow down / You'll be my whole world, I'll be your small town," Swindell sings.

Fans can hear him perform the song throughout his Reason to Drink ... Another Tour, kicking off in fall of 2018. Lauren Alaina will once again join him as an opening act, as will Dustin Lynch.

“I've lived a little longer now and been through things. I've learned that it's okay to have a song that isn't a party song or an uptempo song. Now that I have people's attention, I can release songs like 'You Should Be Here' and 'Break Up in the End' and show people that there's a different side," Swindell explains to Taste of Country and other media, speaking of the new project. "I'm thankful that I get to release songs that mean stuff to people."

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