The Baby Boomers, the Me Generation, Generation X... Today, It's Generation Stress!

Every year, the University of California-Los Angeles conducts a survey of incoming freshmen students.  Dubbed “American Freshman,” the report is a look into the circumstances and mindsets of a wide variety of college students enrolling at UCLA, and it’s one of the longest-running and most exhaustive surveys of student thoughts and feelings on record.  This year’s freshman class is reporting record stress levels before classes even start!

In particular, women freshmen show more response to stress, with 39 percent of women feeling overwhelmed by their stress levels.  Pryor says this is due to the gender gap.  ”The guys are spending more time in stress-relieving activities, like watching TV and playing video games.  The girls are more likely to be helping out with chores at home.”

So ladies, put away the dish towel, pick up a controller and chill out!