Recently, we published a story about how Linda Hamilton is back after almost 30 years to reprise her role as the iconic Sarah Connor. You can see the pictures in this link here.

Now I'm not too sure about the timeline of this franchise after 'Terminator Genisys,' but I do know Sarah Connor's son, the adult version of John Connor makes mention of the oldest town in Texas ... in an obscure sort of way.

Here's a screenshot of a scene someone posted to Imgur

Nacogdoches mentioned in Terminator Genisys


During the Nacogdoches Offensive, I gave you something." ~ John Connor

Now this could mean all sorts of things. It's a passing moment in a line of dialogue that isn't touched on very much in the film.

I do, however know that when I mention Nacogdoches to anyone outside of East Texas, they generally don't know what the heck I'm talking about.

Was one of the writers watching college basketball one day, and thought the town name was cool, or is there much more to this "Nacogdoches" business?

I mean, even in "T2: Judgement Day" in Sarah Connor's dream, she sees that bomb go off and melt everything. What if that's not a bomb at all, and it's really just the heat in Texas? Makes sense, don't it?

With all the time loops and retelling of stories in this franchise, I wouldn't throw out the possibility of seeing a scene set in our own backyard. Who knows? What if the entire movie is about the resistance taking out a bunch of killer robots in Nacogdoches?

It would be pretty cool to see, and also fun to pick apart depending on the accuracy of the movie sets. Let it be known that I at least made the prediction, so if I'm right ... you owe me a beer, but if I'm wrong ... I'll make you a burger sometime.

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