USA Today says the Cowboys front office is doing something right, and the team has one of the best stadiums in the NFL. The 'Boys aren't #1, which probably pains Jerry Jones a lil, but still!  Top 3 ain't bad.

USA Today says AT&T Stadium in Arlington is the "crown jewel of NFL Stadiums" with that enormous video screen and $1.3 billion in bells and whistles.  The scoreboard is a huge draw, and the Cowboys get props for that awesome tunnel that takes the team to the field too.  Fans can line the ropes, and USA Today says it's an NBA-style idea that more football teams should adopt.

Lambeau Field in Green Bay is ranked #1 because it's an "historic gem," according to USA Today, and the entire city of Green Bay only has 25,000 more people than the stadium holds.  It's a community-owned team with a legendary stadium, and it's hard to beat that level of tradition and mystique.  Soldier Field in Chicago is the worst stadium, by the way. Click HERE to see the full list.

The Cowboys are coming off a bye this week, with a big NFC East road test against the NY Giants.  MetLife Stadium, shared by the Giants and Jets, ranks 7th among all NFL stadiums.  And if your'e wondering, NRG Stadium in Houston ranks 17th.

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