It's just five yards, but it might have a big impact on Cowboy and Texan NFL games this fall.

It's a little rule change that some coaches are saying might make the game more dangerous.

NFL owners got together in March for annual meetings, and as they always do, they addressed rule change suggestions from the competition committee.  One of the rule changes they approved, was moving touch backs on kickoffs from the 20 yard line to the 25 yard line.  So if a player catches the ball on a kickoff and takes a knee in the end zone, the ball comes out to the 25 and the offense has a slightly shorter field to work with.

Some coaches are saying this might cause a change in strategy, and instead of kicking off deep into the end zone, kickers will be told to land it on the five yard line, with the goal of stopping the returner short of the 25 yard line.  Instead of cutting down on injuries, some coaches say it may lead to more of them.

From a fan's perspective, touch backs are kind of boring, especially when the game returns from a TV time out, we see the kickoff, the returner takes a knee, and they go to commercial again.  At least we'll have some action now.

The regular season kicks off September 11th for the Cowboys and Texans, and we'll see if this little 5-yard issue is a big deal or not.  The Cowboys play the Giants to open the season, and the Texans take on the Bears.  Just bring on football!

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