The music of Motown swept the ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ ballroom on Monday night. So — and please pardon the awful play on words — who cried the tears of a clown after Tuesday’s elimination?

Hosts Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke-Charvet didn’t waste any time announcing the first safe couples: William and Cheryl and Jaleel and Kym. No surprise on the first one, but since Jaleel was in the dance duel last week and thisclose to being eliminated, that’s one helluva comeback on his part.

The first two couples in jeopardy were Melissa and Maks and, in a surprise, Maria and Derek.

Next two safe couples were pretty obvious: Katherine and Mark, and Donald and Peta.

Gladys and Tristan and Roshon and Cheslie were announced as being in jeopardy — and wound up being the bottom two couples who had to participate in the dance duel.

That wasn’t good news for Gladys. Despite weak judges’ scores, she’s stayed out of trouble because of the audience vote. A worst-case scenario for her was winding up in a one-on-one competition with the judges determining who goes home based solely on that dance.

Honestly, it was rough to watch. Not because she was bad (she wasn’t) but because competing with a kid a third of her age just seemed … undignified somehow. Blech. We’d rather have just seen her voted out by the audience without that.

Then the judges had their say. Carrie Ann voted to keep Gladys, Len voted to keep Roshon, and Bruno cast the deciding vote — for Roshon. Which not only meant Gladys was out, it completely screwed up our prediction about Roshon coming in 8th place (although we did say Gladys would be in trouble in a dance duel).

No one looked happy about the outcome, but of course Gladys saw it coming and handled it like the classy lady she is.

See you next week.

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