The other day, my 8-year-old daughter, Willow, and I were play-fighting over a Snickers candy bar. Willow claims she hates food with nuts in it, but for some reason, she loves Snickers.

As we used to say back in the 80s, Snickers really satisfies!

You may already know this but I sure as heck didn't, Snickers was originally (and still is) mass-produced right here in Texas--Waco, to be exact. Franklin Clarence Mars, who as a boy started selling molasses chips and grew candy into an empire, created the Snickers bar way back in 1930. The Mars candy plant in Waco began mass-producing Snickers, so that's why we say Snickers is from Texas!

Did you know that the Snickers candy bar was known in the United Kingdom under the name Marathon (until 1990)?

Did you also know that Franklin Mars invented the candy and named it Snickers after his favorite pet horse?

I really love the recent Snickers football game commercials where an angry Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi turn into characters from the Brady Bunch.

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