The Disney live-action remake machine will next turn its attention to Lilo & Stitch, the 2002 feature that was one of the company’s final 2D animated theatrical releases. Although the movie wasn’t a massive blockbuster, it did spawn several direct-to-video sequels, TV shows, and theme park attractions.

Word of a potential Lilo & Stitch remake in live-action first appeared on the web several years ago. But now the project has new life, with The Hollywood Reporter saying Disney has brought in Jon M. Chu (Crazy Rich Asians, the upcoming In the Heights) to direct the film:

A search for a scribe to work with Chu is now underway. Mike Van Waes wrote the current draft for the project, which has not been greenlit and is still in development. The original film was written and directed by Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders, who later found acclaim with How to Train Your Dragon.

Lilo & Stitch seems like a solid candidate for a live-action remake, since it has more human characters than some of the titles Disney’s remade lately (like The Lion King, which featured exactly as many live-action characters as the original 2D animated movie did). Its Hawaiian setting should look great in live-action form too. The report does not indicate whether this Lilo & Stitch remake is intended for Disney+ or for theaters. The most recent Disney live-action remake, Mulan, was expected to premiere in theaters but wound up debuting on the streaming service anyway, so at this point the distinction may be academic.

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