A miracle, a dog with an unbelievable will to survive, a fluke...

Those are some of the reasons being thrown into the mix as to why a dog in Alabama survived being euthanized, or should I say the ATTEMPT to be euthanized. 

According to a report, the pooch was left at an animal shelter because his owner was moving and could no longer care for him.  The animal shelter tried several different outlets to find the dog a new family, however, no one came forward.  So, after a month, the decision to 'put the dog to sleep' was made.

The drug was administered and the dog was thought to be dead.  However, the next morning when employees arrived at the shelter, the dog was moving and appeared to be fine...and he was.

Once the story got out about this dog's brush with death, finding a new family was not a problem.  In fact, the dog has now been renamed Lazarus.




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