A cat gets hit by a car, is then placed in a shallow grave, only to dig his way out and return to the doorstep of the man that buried him.

This story may seem reminiscent of a Stephen King novel, but this story is true and has a much happier ending.  

According to a report in the Tampa Bay Times, Bart, a young cat was trying to cross the street when it was struck by a vehicle.  The cat's owner, Ellis Hutson, rushed to the street only to find the mangled body of his dear pet.  Hutson said the cat was not breathing.

Distraught over the situation, Hutson could not bring himself to bury Bart so he asked a neighbor if he would do it.  The neighbor, Dusty Albritton obliged and buried the lifeless cat in a shallow grave near the street.  That was January 16th, five days later on the 21st, Albritton heard a meowing at his door.  He investigated and saw a sight that took his breath away.

It was Bart...dirty, disheveled, matted, and very hungry, but also very much alive.  Albritton immediately notified Hutson and a call was made to a veterinarian. The doctor explained the extent of the injuries - ruptured left eye, broken jaw, and numerous contusions, but the cat would live with surgeries and care.

Hutson reached out to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay who through their Save-a-Pet Medical Fund helped to offset the cost.  Bart's left eye was removed and his jaw wired shut, but he should be just fine in about 6 weeks.



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