If you are a thief, you are a horrible human being. Period. Don't take things that aren't yours. So if someone invents something that provides instant karma to thieves, I'm all in and will laugh no matter the thieves misfortune.

Running across this device from Youtuber Mark Rober just makes me happy. He came up with a bait box that contains four cameras, a fan to blow glitter and a switch to set off a fart spray canister.

The porch pirate takes the package. When they find a spot to open it, whether in their car or in their home, the fan blows glitter on everything in the area. Moments later, a second mechanism sets off a small can of fart spray.

The cameras are able to upload the video to the cloud so he can salvage the video of the thieves reactions of the glitter bomb going off.

The reaction of the thieves is a mixture of irony and arrogance, they're upset that their thievery didn't pay off but also upset that their own property has been messed up by the glitter. Don't dish it out if you can't handle the punishment.

Mark Rober has instantly become America's hero with his device. No word on if he will be selling these.

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