With "Good Girl," Dustin Lynch continues to lend his twang to country themes dressed in pop clothing. The beat-heavy, mid-tempo love song is the first from Lynch's next studio album.

It's a jeans and T-shirt sister to "I'd Be Jealous Too," Lynch's club-ready firestarter from Current Mood. Thin guitar riffs anchor a less amped-up production as Lynch sings about how much he appreciates his lover's attention. He's found success with this sound before. By mixing a shot of R&B into his country tonic, the Tennessee native finds an unmistakable sound to call his own.

A singalong chorus will help "Good Girl" become a fan-favorite at live shows. The clap-back lyrics in the second verse are an effective way of keeping a fan's attention through the entire song, at the risk of bringing in an element that's very associated with other forms of music. But to be confined to country themes and standards is boring — something Lynch has shown again and again since he debuted "Cowboys and Angels" in 2012.

Did You Know?: Lynch rush-recorded "Good Girl" because he couldn't stand the thought of going a full summer without new music on the radio.

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Dustin Lynch's "Good Girl" Lyrics:

I got it good girl / Cause I got myself a good girl / Yeah you up and took my whole world and made it good girl.

You’re an angel / You’re a keeper / The kinda thing that you gotta lock down / I’m loving just livin’ every minute since you came around / I was lost in the neon lights til the day that you called me lights / They say when you know you know / And I know one thing’s for sure.

I got it good girl / Cause I got myself a good girl / Still can’t believe I found you / Can’t imagine life without you / I could take you home to mama / Take you to the church right down the street / Yeah you up and took my whole world / And made it good girl.

You know sometimes / I dream about 55 years from now / Gonna still be, you and me / Watchin’ that sun going down / I’ll still be stealing your kiss (what else) / I’ll still be holding your hand (what else) / I’ll still look at you and I pinch myself (what else) / Good lord I’m a lucky man.

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