In an effort that would make Gilligan proud, East Texans have started a campaign to 'Save the Boat' from being moved or demolished during construction of a new business and restaurant near Denman and the Loop in Lufkin.  So, what is the boat?

According to differing accounts, the boat has been located for decades in a wooded area just off the Southeast Loop in Lufkin.  No one's quite sure how it got there and how it has survived droughts, hurricanes, and all the other elements through the years.

However, will modern progress be the demise of the boat?

Well, thanks in no small part to a social media and Facebook campaign, perhaps not.

You can tell by passing by the boat's location that the trees and vegetation have been leveled and all that's left is dirt....and the boat, leading some to think that if the developers had plans to destroy or move the boat, wouldn't they have done so by now?

Maybe the boat will be integrated into the new plaza and/or restaurant.

What ideas do you have to do just that?  Maybe have the boat a permanent part of the parking lot.  Maybe the boat can be just outside the front doors of the restaurant.  Decorate the boat with lights during Christmas season.

Any more ideas?

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