Every parent has that 'sixth sense' to be able to tell when something out of the ordinary is wrong with their child.  A doctor may say it's a virus, but mom or dad knows the diagnosis goes deeper. 

Tyler's mom noticed that her 4-year-old son just wasn't his normal energetic self.  Then, came the onset of fever and she knew something wasn't right.  Tyler also exhibited bruises that wouldn't go away and after a trip to the doctor and some subsequent test, Tyler's mom was given the news that she dreaded...her son had cancer of the blood.

Acute myeloid leukemia was the official diagnosis.  Thanks to the research at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, the survival rate for this form of cancer has reached into the 70 percentile range.  Tyler had to undergo 5 rounds of chemotherapy and something call a Natural Killer cell transplant.  We are happy to report that Tyler is now healthy and happy again and returns to St Jude for regular check ups.  He loves playing with toys cars and trucks and enjoys riding his bicycle.

By becoming a KICKS 105 St. Jude Partner in Hope you can help kids beat cancer.  Remember, every discovery and successful treatment and protocol are shared freely with all doctors and hospitals.  So, your $20 a month donation helps save the lives of kids right here in East Texas.  Click here to become a Partner in Hope.  It's amazing what you can accomplish for less than 70 cents a day.

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