Today on the Merrell in the Morning Show, we visited with Demetress Harrell from Hospice In the Pines and Brandy Terry from the Deep East Texas Association of Builders (DETAB).

They talked about a truly heartwarming and spectacular event that will be happening next weekend in Lufkin. 

The building that currently houses Hospice in the Pines is to say the least, inadequate.  So, members of DETAB had an idea that sparked an opportunity.

Many are familiar with the ABC show 'Extreme Home Makeover', well, here comes East Texas' version.

No, this is not affiliated with the network show, but this still comes from the heart, as hundreds of volunteers, from contractors to roofers to electricians all that way to anyone that can hold a hammer or serve food, are coming together to help.

In the course of one week, these volunteers are basically going to completely gut an existing building and rebuild it and turn it an office and facility that can better serve the needs of Hospice in the Pines, which, in turn, will allow them to better serve the community.

You can get more details on this and on how you can help by checking out the DETAB makeover Facebook page.

Also, a special thanks to Demetress and Brandy for joining us on the show today!