April 10th, 1943.

America was entrenched in World War II, Elvis Presley was 8, gasoline was 15 cents a gallon, and Walter and Loraine were married.   

Walter Autry, 95, and his wife, Loraine, 93, celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary on Tuesday surrounded by family and friends at Escapees Adult Daycare in Livingston.  The pair even took time to hit the dance floor (video below).

Walter was born January 1, 1923 and Loraine on December 18, 1924. He was in the Merchant Marines before Pearl Harbor was attacked.  While he was in the Merchant Marines, he was on a banana boat called the Mariflores.  A German U-boat sunk it shortly after he joined the Navy.  When Pearl Harbor was attacked, shortly afterwards, Walter Autry joined the Navy.  He was a diver and was being trained as a diesel mechanic.

The Navy sent him to Rice University to get more training.  Loraine was going to school there also.  A friend of hers asked her to go to a dance. Walter and Loraine met at the dance and a short time later they decided to get married.  They were married in Algiers, Louisiana.

Shortly afterwards he was shipped off to the Philippines. After being released from the Navy, they started a printing business in Houston. To help make ends meet, Walter joined the Naval Reserve. He ended up being called back in when the Korean conflict started.  When he came back home, he went back into the printing business.

He and Loraine worked side by side and in 1959 moved to Livingston. Both Walter and Loraine have been very active in the community.  Walter worked with the Lions Club and Loraine volunteered for 25 years helping out at the local hospital. They also helped with the Pine Cone Festival that brought in many people every September to the city.  They loved to dance and joined several square dancing groups.  They became president and secretary of the club for a few years.

Happy Anniversary Walter and Loraine!!  You are an inspiration to us all.

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