There's an elderly couple in San Augustine County with so many feral cats on their property they're asking for help finding homes for all of them.

The couple has reached out to several animal welfare groups, but they have yet to find anyone who will take the animals off their hands.  They've been feeding the cats because they don't want to see them die, according to KTRE.  What would you do?

There are as many as fifty wild cats on the couple's property in San Augustine County, and they think some of them were dumped nearby over a year ago, and the cats have reproduced and that has led to a whole lot more cats.  They're wild, so you can't really pet them if you catch them.  Rather than pets inside the house, these cats might be better-suited to catching mice in a barn, or living on other rural property where they can roam and patrol and stay true to their wild tendencies.

If you know of a way to help the family you can send them an email at

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