Every Friday, we feature our KICKS 105 Pet of the Week with a dog or cat from the Winnie Berry Humane Society of Angelina County.  Almost always the dog or cat is pretty young, usually about a year to maybe 2 or 3 years old.

Not this time.

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Tealy is a Russian Blue cat and she has been without a home for about 6 months, and she is 16-years-old.  She's healthy and loving.  Tealy was part of a family and had a home for many years, but now, she doesn't.  I will not go into the story, but let's just say it's sad.  So, Tealy is now looking for a forever home to make some great memories for the last years of her life.

She is great with kids, other cats, and small dogs.  She is spayed and her front paws are declawed.  She's just a beautiful, sweet kitty who has had her world turned upside down.

Interested?  Please contact the Winnie Berry Humane Society of Angelina County at 639-1880, or go by and visit their location at 1102 North John Redditt Drive in Lufkin.


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