On Friday, there will be a lot of kelly green proudly being displayed at local homes and businesses and you're invited to join in this show of support for a wonderful East Texas teacher.   

This campaign is to bring awareness, support, and funds for Denise Clifton and her family. Denise is an 8th grade teacher at Central Jr High and she has been in a Houston hospital for over two weeks. Clifton suffered a stroke in early January due to a blood clot on the right side of her brain. She also received results from a previous culture of her lungs that revealed a rare form of lung cancer.

There are a few other medical issues that Clifton is facing, but for now, she has started limited physical therapy.  Despite all these hardships, Denise, in true 'Neecy' fashion, views these setbacks as opportunities.  Her smile, sense of humor, determination and strong belief in God continue to shine brighter every day.

Even with insurance, bills continue and will continue to mount, so any and all help is needed and appreciated.  This Friday, AAA Trophy in Lufkin is spearheading the a community drive to display green.  They will be flying a green banner at their store at 305 Denman in Lufkin.  In addition, on Friday, 50% of all sales from school spirit shirts and 10% of all sales from in store merchandise will be donated to the Denise Clifton family.  AAA Trophy will also be giving away free green banners to any other businesses that would like to fly them at their store on Friday to indicate that they will also be donating a portion of their sales to this fund.

Please help support this wonderful and beautiful lady who through the years has given so much of herself for the benefit of others.  You are also invited to 'like' and follow the 'Pray for Denise Clifton' Facebook page.