Deep East Texas is home to many varieties of animals, varmints, and critters.  In the thickets, river bottoms, or sometimes on the road you'll find everything from possums to armadillos and bobcats to coyotes.  I'd rather not come face to face with a wild boar, or for that matter, face to tail with an aggressive skunk, but, if given the choice, I'd probably rather face all the above than a pack of wild African lions.

But, truly, what are the chances of running into the 'King of the Beasts' in the Pineywoods?  That depends on who you ask...and what they've been taking.

According to a release from the Newton County Sheriff, the department recently had a call where several lions were trying to attack a man’s horse. The man who called in the report told officers that they were not zoo lions, but African lions. He called back and said the big lion just killed two little lions. He called back again and said there were fifteen 300 pound lions now on his property. The next day he called back wanting to make a complaint. He gave police the name of a man who sold him some bad dope! He said the drugs were making him see things like tigers, snakes and lions. The sheriff's office received a few more calls about seeing tigers with gray stripes.

Just another normal day in the life of law enforcement.

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