According to a press release from the Texas Department of Transportation, a new school zone in Angelina County was activated in Hudson on Monday, signaling to drivers of a lower speed limit when lights are flashing.  

Hudson ISD was approved for an additional school zone in early summer by the Texas Transportation Commission. Crews worked to install the flashing lights and signs that were activated on Monday.

The additional school zone is located on SH 94 and extends .2 miles on each side of FM 3258, west in Hudson ISD. Bonner Elementary School is located just west of SH 94 on FM 3258. While flashers are activated, the speed limit will be 35 miles per hour. When flashers are not activated, the speed limit will be 55 mph.

“The district expressed several months ago the desire for an additional school zone in hopes of slowing traffic on SH 94 and to assist those vehicles delivering students to Bonner Elementary,” said Rhonda Oaks, Lufkin District spokesperson. “Now that is activated, we want to remind motorists that it is enforceable when lights are flashing.”

The fine for speeding in a school zone when lights are activated is $200 and $20 per mile over the posted speed limit plus additional court costs. In addition, the use of a cell phone within an active school zone is prohibited by law.

Motorists are urged to stay alert on SH 94 and reduce speed near the new school zone, as well as all school zones. Watch for pedestrian traffic in and near a school zone and be prepared for some delays in peak travel hours.

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