Here's my early review of the first menu item for feeding the family for cheap.

My coworkers, James & Paula have begun some sort of experiment about how to feed a family of four on the cheap. Five bucks for dinner, when you have 4 people sounds ambitious, but James and Paula got it done in style. These recipes might not win a Master Chef Competition, but they are interesting.

After they were done, the leftovers were here in the fridge. So since I am on a complete no wheat kick, I opted to turn these into nacho's with some blue corn chips I found in the break room. I even used some of the sun dried tomatoes, don't know if those even went with the burrito. But the bean mash, was what was going into the burrito, so I was really only judging that. I know what flour tortillas taste like.

The black beans and the garbanzo's chick peas all smashed up together were pretty good. But I thought they might have been a little too good. I detected the presence of sugar. I could be wrong, but those were some sweet beans. That might help you get the kids to eat them. So if you are interested in the web series, start looking for it soon.

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