Valentine's Day

It's a day designated to show how much you care for someone. That can lead to a variety of ways to show that love.

Some of the more traditional Valentine's occurrences include giving flowers or chocolates. A dinner date is a frequent thing that also happens on February 14. So, if you plan on heading to a restaurant, be ready for a pretty long wait to be seated.

If you want to avoid the public and just want to spend quiet time with your sweetie, then there's always the stay-home movie or driving somewhere that offers a beautiful view of the sunset or starry night.

Photo Credit/Johnny Fleming
Photo Credit/Johnny Fleming

Valentine's Themed Towns in Texas

Wouldn't it be neat to spend Valentine's Day in a place that has a name that lends itself well to this day dedicated to showing your love? I decided to scour through all 17,218 cities, towns, and unincorporated areas of the Lone Star State (according to the Texas Almanac) to see which ones lend themselves to the overall Valentine's Day theme.

There were quite a few places that had 'love' in their name, but as I looked up their locations, many were nothing more than neighborhoods in a suburb. So, I decided my best to include those towns that at least have a city limit sign, a water tower, or at least a church that designates the town's name.

After whittling down the possibilities, I have come up with the following 12 Texas towns that are perfect for Valentine's Day.

The Perfect Texas Towns for Valentine's Day

We have scoured the road maps to find the cities, towns, and unincorporated Texas locations that lend themselves perfectly for Valentine's Day

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