If you were to make a list of the top 10 most unbelievable videos that you've seen this year, or perhaps ever, this video would surely make the list.

Just a quick note, that this video may seem a bit gory to some.

Let's just go ahead and title this story the craziest fish tale of all time.

On a beach near Cape Town, South Africa, a woman notices that a dead shark has washed up on shore.  Apparently she knows enough about sharks to realize that this one is pregnant.  She also notices movement coming from the shark's abdomen.  At this point, the woman gets the help of a man who happens to have a sharp knife...and then, the amazing happens.

In the course of 60 seconds, 3 shark pups are delivered by hand and then directed to the ocean.  According to authorities, the sharks will probably be just fine since they are born with a full set of teeth and usually swim away from the mother shark very early on.




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