Today's forecast is calling for northwest winds of 15-25 mph, with gusts up to 35 mph across parts of East Texas.  If you have some sort of Christmas inflatables decorating your yard, you might want to plan ahead and put Santa and his reindeer into storage for a day, that is, unless you want to see them truly take flight.  At the very least, I would deflate them all until calmer winds prevail.

Okay, there is no such meteorological term as a 'Christmas Inflatable Advisory', but my question is WHY NOT?  The National Weather Service has issued a Lake Wind Advisory for today (Thursday), and I'm almost certain that there are many more folks in the Pineywoods that have holiday inflatables at risk as opposed to those who are truly giving serious consideration to taking a mid-December jaunt across a cold lake with monstrous swells scarier than last year's fruitcake.

So, even though a 'CIA' is not in the weather service's vocabulary, let this article serve as fair warning that by early afternoon the northwest gales could send your decorations several houses down the road, or into the water if you happen to live by a lake.  Hmm, maybe that's why they issued a Lake Wind Advisory in the first place.

Three Christmas Pigs
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