If you have a Facebook account, chances are, you've seen at least one of these 'Have You Ever?' games. You know, the ones where there are a bunch of events, and you get points for each one you've taken part in. If not, well, then you're in for a special treat today.

I decided to make one up for right here in Deep East Texas. Check out the different events below. For each one that you've taken part in, you get the amount of points to the right. After looking up all the events, add up your score. Here we go!

Have you ever...

  • Been to Banita Creek Hall? (5 Points)
  • Attended an SFA sporting event? (10 Points)
  • Visited Ellen Trout Zoo? (5 Points)
  • Attended Bull Bash? (10 Points)
  • Visited The Fredonia Brewery? (5 Points)
  • Gone to the OTT Motorcycle Rally? (10 Points)
  • Met Brandon Belt? (20 Points)
  • Met Clint Dempsey? (20 Points)
  • Played disc golf at Pecan Park? (5 Points)
  • Gone to the Nacogdoches Pro Rodeo? (10 Points)
  • Attended the Angelina Forest Festival? (10 Points)
  • Gone to the Blueberry Festival? (10 Points)
  • Visited the Fredonia Hotel? (5 Points)
  • *THROWBACK* Visited Jitterbugs? (50 Points)
  • Been to Hastings in Nacogdoches? (10 Points)
  • Visited the Front Porch Distillery? (5 Points)
  • Attended the Cattlebarons' Gala? (10 Points)
  • Been annoyed by Cafe Del Rio's robot man greeter thing. (5 Points)
  • Met Dez Bryant? (20 Points)
  • Taken a picture with those giant plastic logs that serve as Lufkin signs (15 points)
  • Been to the Pines Theater (15 Points)

If my math is correct, then you should be able to rack up a total of 255 points from this list, Let us know how much of a true East Texan you are by commenting your score below.

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