The Roost is Here!

On Wednesday, January 18, at 7 am, the wait is over. Roost Chicken Salad & Cafe will be opening their doors in Lufkin. The Roost is located at 4415 S. Medford Drive, next door to Ulta.

Their hours are Monday - Saturday from 7 am to 7 pm, and Sunday from 7 am to 4 pm.

What is The Roost?

I had the chance to visit with Kari and Manny Callejas just before their opening day to get the scoop on what the Roost Chicken Salad & Cafe is all about. Here are some words that stuck in my mind after that visit:

Over-The-Top Delicious - Everything I sampled is something I would definitely try again, from the dozen different chicken salads, to the Monte Cristo, the Reuben, Cattleman Angus Burger, Brown Sugar Pecan Pancakes, and the list goes on. All items are fresh and never frozen.

MEAT - In all caps because I'm definitely shouting. The Roost believes that when you order a sandwich, the star of the show should be the meat. They don't skimp on the meat portions. When you order a full-sized sandwich at the Roost, you might as well ask for a take-home box as well.

Well-Prepared & Friendly - I'm not just talking about the food, I'm talking about the whole experience at the Roost. From the moment I walked through the door and then up to order my food, I was greeted with smiles and a willingness to help. When the kitchen staff got the order, within 5 minutes the chefs had the food hot and ready to go. It's really cool watching them prepare the food right in front of you.

Bring A Friend - Or two or three or more. That way, everyone orders something different and you can sample off your friend's plate. The Roost menu is extensive and everything is delicious. You'll want to try as many menu items as you can.

What's 'The Catch'?

Speaking of the menu, the Roost has listened to their customers and is including several holdover favorites from The Catch, such as catfish, shrimp, and gumbo. Plus, everything on the menu is available when they are open. You want Nutella Banana French Toast at 5 got it. You want a Jalapeno Bacon Grilled Cheese at problem.

Complimentary Mimosas

That's called an attention-getter. For a limited time on weekends only, the Roost will be offering complimentary Mimosas and Bloody Marys. When your food is brought to your table just let your runner know that you would like one.

I could go on and on about the outstanding experience and food that I had at the Roost Chicken Salad & Cafe, but I would be spending half the day in a thesaurus looking up synonyms for delectable, wonderful, and superb. For an in-depth look at the food and the experience, take a look at the video tour below, as well as the pics of the servings they prepared during my visit.


Roost Chicken Salad and Cafe

The Roost Chicken Salad and Cafe Opens on January 18 in Lufkin. Here's a look inside the diner and some photos of their delicious food.

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