Firefighters are known for their bravery and heroic actions, but let's not forget about their resourcefulness.  Such is the case for Houston firefighter Craig Moreau whose quick thinking and ample supply of beer helped to put out a roadside fire.

According to a news report, Captain Moreau was traveling back to Houston from Austin on Highway 71 when he noticed an 18-wheeler with smoke coming from it parked on the side of the roadway.  Apparently faulty brakes had caused a tire to flame up which was endangering the entire trailer.

Moreau and the driver of the truck used an on-board fire extinguisher to douse the flames at first, but they reignited and that's when the quick thinking Moreau sprang into action.  He asked the driver what he was hauling, and when he responded that it was a full load of beer, Moreau led the driver and another man to grab as many cases as possible and head to the burning tire.

Then, in what had to be one of the craziest fire scenes of all time, the men started shaking the beer cans  wildly before popping them open to douse the flames.  And it worked!!  It took quite a few cases of beer, but the fire was extinguished and the truck and trailer rig was saved.

Moreau was asked whether he took any of the cargo as a reward, but he did not, indicating that he prefers dark beer and there was none on board.

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