With FOMO (Fear of missing out) being a real thing apparently, and Summer in full swing, I though it would be a good idea to gauge where my fellow East Texans sit on an ongoing debate.

Is it worth it to be outside? We don't get many days where the heat is a simple dry heat. It always comes with an annoying level of humidity. We all know we'll continue to have hot days all the way up until Christmas and beyond, so why even pretend like we have to hit the beaches in the actual summer months?

UK Continues To Enjoy Warm Spring Sunshine
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These days it seems like more people just want to update their Instagram or send better Snapchat pics, which in turn causes the rest of us to feel like we're missing out on all the summer fun.

Let us know in the comments if you're a home-body or if you really enjoy getting out and doing what you can to not waste a single drop of summer. If you aren't a fan, let us know your main gripes.


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