Everyone has a strategy.  But what's the right one?

Here's some advice for picking the winning Powerball numbers.

Is it better to submit your own numbers, or use Quick Picks?

Most of the past Powerball winners have let the computer do the picking.  In fact, about 70 percent of past Powerball winners have used Quick Picks. But what if the winning numbers end up including your birthday, your husband's birthday, and your anniversary?!  I know!  That would be hard to swallow. That's why most of us probably play our favorite numbers and then buy a Quick Pick on the side.

If you do play your own numbers, stick with it!  Don't change them. That applies mostly to the regular lottery players the experts say, and not to those who jump in at the last minute on the big jackpots.  Consistency can pay off for those who play every week, and lottery players who think the game is a science rather than dumb luck play the same numbers every week.

Are some numbers luckier than others?  ABC News says 8, 54, 14, 39 and 13 have been drawn more than any others.  Does anyone else have the thought that we should pick away from the common numbers?  Surely the computer will get tired of picking them eventually and it will hit others.  Not that we over analyze or anything.

Whatever your strategy, the jackpot is insane!  Millions of people think they're going to win on Wednesday and they're already planning beach vacations and how they might quit their jobs on Thursday morning.  Good luck.  And don't forget to "quick-pick" a tax advisor.

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