Ben Weber died Wednesday at the age 91.  The World War II veteran was the special guest speaker at last Tuesday's Huntington ISD Veterans Day event. 

Weber lived over 33,000 days, yet in the last few days of his life he was still able to enrich the lives of the young and old with stories of his days as an Army man in World War II.  You'll notice the papers that Weber is holding in his hand...he never referenced them during his talk.  Instead, he painted the pictures of his basic training all the way up to his rescue at Iwo Jima after being shot in the eye and leg.

I believe Weber was scheduled to talk for about 15 minutes, but after 30 minutes, he was still going strong.  He asked on a couple occasions if he was being too long-winded, but the answer was definitely not.  Ben's stories were entertaining, interactive, funny, horrendous, and sad.  Tears came freely in that auditorium when Weber spoke of the men and friends he lost in battles in the Pacific theater.  He made it a point to let folks know that even though he was an Army man, he dearly loved the Marines because those were the ones that watched over him and ultimately rescued him.

Another point that he hammered home was even though he was from the Bronx, he never desired to return to New York after the war.  Instead, he wanted to make his home in Texas...East Texas.

Ben Weber made headlines earlier in the year when Congressman Louie Gohmert presented Weber with the medals that he had been deprived of for 69 years.

For the 2nd time in as many weeks, Taps will be played in the presence of Ben Weber.  This time, however, Weber will be observing from afar as the good Lord has gained a great man and hero into his Kingdom.