No flowers, no brunch.  Just a gift card for my mom for Mother's Day, and it's black and white and doesn't even have any pretty decorations on it. Is this a huge Mother's Day disappointment?  

My mom lives in another state, so I can't take her out to brunch on Sunday.  I had to send something.

The last time I ordered a gift online and had it delivered to my mom's place out in the middle of cows and canyons in rural Nebraska, the UPS guy got lost and had to call my mom for directions.  She thought it was a scam so she hung up on the poor guy after refusing to confirm her address, and the package almost got lost in the shuffle. But the delivery guy was persistent enough to try again, and delivered it two days later.

The thought of losing a Mother's Day floral bouquet in the delivery process didn't appeal to me.  And my wonderful and somewhat skeptical mom might think she's getting scammed if she got notice of a gift card through email, so I decided that wasn't the best option either.  She's gettin' a snail mail gift card!  I just hope she can figure out how to use it by plugging in the code and all.

I've known my mom for many years, and some years have been better than others with my gift-giving creativity.  This year I went the easy gift card and Hallmark card that I picked up at the grocery store on Tuesday. She likes to shop, and I hope she finds some great new dish towels or solar lights for the landscape beds that she works so hard on.  I hope this is not too lame.

It's better than the yarn bracelets laced with macaroni that we made as kids, right?  At least there's that.  Happy Mother's Day!

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