After all the teaser clips, the much awaited arrival of Lady A's newest video "Just A Kiss" has finally been released!

This heart rendering video of young love features the members of Lady A singing in a deserted train station. The video tells the story about two young adults visiting a foreign country, where clips are shown of their visits to ancient ruins, street venders, and even Abbey Road. One of the coolest things about this video is the fact that the members of Lady A act as passengers on the train, stepping back and simply looking in on the love story unfolding between the tourist couple.

"Just A Kiss" is on the set list for Lady Antebellum's upcoming album "Own The Night" due to come out September 13. You can even go ahead a pre-order an album now! Also, on their website, you can sign up for a chance to win a hand written autographed copy of the song lyrics to "Just A Kiss".


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