Not every waffle gets to be a Waffle Bake waffle.  In fact, most waffles don't make the cut.  Oh sure, all waffles may look the same, but it's all about the preparation and ingredients that set the best ones apart.

You can ask a Lufkin Rotarian what all goes into their waffles for their annual Waffle Bake, but all you'll get is silence and a wry smile.  Ask a second time, and you run the risk of being locked away in a dark food pantry someplace where no GPS will ever track you.

Flour, milk, eggs, sugar...those are the recipe basics, but somehow the Lufkin Rotarians add love, magic, and the slightest hint of unicorn wings into their batter.  (if you say unicorns don't have wings, I would say you do realize that you're arguing a point concerning a make-believe creature)

So...we've established that the waffles are ultra-delicious.  Now, here are the details on how to get them.  The 64th Annual Lufkin Rotary Waffle Bake is Tuesday, December 3rd through Thursday, December 5th at the Angelina College Cafeteria.  Waffles will be served each evening from 5:30 - 7:30.  Cost is $6/adults, $3/kids 12 and under.  Live entertainment will be featured each evening.


Mark Bush
Mark Bush

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