As I was looking through some of the most amazing real estate listings that are currently available in East Texas I have to admit I was a bit shocked to see this one. We are talking about a beautiful home on over 24 acres currently for sale in Tatum, Texas. Now obviously, properties get listed all the time, but what shocked me about this property is that it’s really nice and has been on the market for 150+ days at this point.  

Someone is going to be happy when they buy this place after so many people have decided to not make an offer. There are places that have more acreage, but you’re going to pay more than the $1,250,000 asking price for this property. It’s located in Tatum, Texas which is southeast of Longview, basically in between Longview and Carthage. 

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More Details on This Property in Tatum 

The address is 18692 Country Road 2212, Tatum, TX 75691. The very nice home has 4 bedrooms, 4 and ½ bathrooms, and is a total of 5,999 square feet. There is plenty of room to host people and still have your own privacy within this house.  

You’ll Love the Outdoors Here 

The land looks immaculate, and there is a great outdoor entertainment area with a large outdoor kitchen set up. The outdoor kitchen includes a built in grill, deep fryer, ice maker and wine fridge. This place is truly something special, you’re going to love looking at all the pictures of this amazing East Texas property.  

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