Many in Texas dream of opening their own business. They can get the idea of that business from another place they've visited before and want to do something similar. Others will visit a business and find a way that might work better and open their version. Others will have an original idea that could take off and become a go-to shopping experience for many. Naming that business is also very important. While you can name your business anything you want, there are certain words that cannot be used in that name in Texas.

Naming a Business in Texas

There are many ways or reasons to give your business a specific name. It could be a variation of your first name like Sam's Club after founder Sam Walton. It could be a creative name that can easily bring attention to your business like Dr Pepper. It could even be as simple as telling what the business is in the name like American Airlines. Whatever you name your business, there is a reason for that name.

Naming your business, however, cannot be deceptive or misrepresent what you are offering to the consumer. That's where the State of Texas got their list of forbidden words for a business to use. For instance, you can't use "bank" in your name because it give the impression that you are a financial institution. Yes, you're making money but you're not a bank.

Weird Ways to Name Your Business

With the exception of the few forbidden names, you can name your business anything you want, including using symbols in the name. A "$" is perfectly okay to use, so is a "%" or "@" or "+" or other symbols.

Everything has to go through an approval process before your business name can be put on a sign. You'll have to register that name with the Texas Secretary of State to make sure you're not duplicating a name but also that it doesn't use any of the forbidden words.

If you are starting a business this year, good luck to you. Here's to hoping your business will become as well known as Walmart, Amazon, Coca-Cola or any other popular brand.

The Forbidden Words for Naming a Business in Texas

You can name your business just about any name you want. However, that name can't be deceitful or misrepresent what your business is or it will be rejected in the State of Texas.

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