The Pines Theater in Lufkin continues to make adjustments and additions to its amazing Pines Classic Films series. They have just now announced the classic cinema we will see on the big screen from August to December 2024.

Things in downtown Lufkin are vastly different for most of these movies. Due to the construction downtown and changes to parking, you will have to plan a little and show up slightly earlier.

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There are plenty of places to park. I usually walk a little further and have to think about it ahead of time, so I don't take my usual route to downtown. I would easily brave the construction and fences to see some of these films on the big screen again, as intended.

City Of Lufkin
City Of Lufkin

Titanic Back On The Big Screen In Lufkin At The Pines

Even all these years later, the fan base for the movie Titanic never ceases to amaze me. Many people watched this movie multiple times when it was in theaters, and I believe they would love the opportunity to see it again on the big screen as intended.

Just remember to go easy on the drinks, since this movie from 1997 is 3 hours and 15 minutes long. I stretched the attention span of many a tween back in the day, and I know they have gotten much shorter today.

Tickets are just $5, so CLICK HERE to get yours now. Take a look at all the upcoming films coming to the Pines Theater.

Pines Classic Film Series 2024

The rest of 2024 looks very promising for the Classic Film Series.

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2024 Classic Movie Lineup At The Pines Theater In Lufkin

Movies everyone must see at least once in their life.

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Look Over The Fences In Downtown Lufkin

Crews are already hard at work to make a new vision in Downtown Lufkin a reality.

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