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Many Walmart stores across Texas are open 24 hours a day. How would we even buy things we don't need without a few midnight runs to Wally World?

For decades Christmas Day was the only day that Walmart was closed. Now for the past 4 years since Covid, the big box retailer has been closing for Thanksgiving.

Being closed means a massive piece of real estate is going unused and in brick-and-mortar businesses that's a bad thing.

Competitors like Amazon are always open. That leaves Walmart with only 363 operating days a year.

What Is The Real Reason That Walmart Is Now Closed On Thanksgiving?

That got me thinking that there could be a few profitable reasons that Walmart is closed on Thanksgiving. The official reason they gave on a video posted to  X (formerly Twitter) was to give workers a chance to spend the holiday with their families.

I know no one wants to work on Thanksgiving, that is a given. They are also getting lots of goodwill press from taking the holiday off, like this story.

Being closed on Thanksgiving could just make good financial sense. There was a lot of backlash when they started trying to move Black Friday up to Thursday.

When you are open 24 hours, it starts to blur the lines between Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Is it midnight, or is it 6 a.m. when the sales start on Black Friday?

They kill a lot of birds with one stone by being closed on Thanksgiving. They tried it once and might have kept it going because the suppressed buying of an entire day coupled with Black Friday likely translated into big sales.

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