Playing with your kiddos is a great way to engage and connect with them. It can be tiring though, especially after a long work day. One dad found a hack to make playtime fun for all with minimal parental effort.

Anytime we can find a good life hack, we're all over it. And anything that makes our lives easier (especially our lives as parents) is worth trying out. This is one that every parent can appreciate.

Instagram user and dad, Derek Radley, posted a video showing a genius way to play baseball with his kids. The baseball session required no running back-and-forth to retrieve hit balls.

In the video, you'll see the clever dad relaxing in a lawn chair and holding fishing pole. The pole has a ball attached to it. So, when his son takes a swing and sends it down the street, all Derek has to do is reel it back in. Genius!

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As you can imagine, this #DadHack went viral for its pure brilliance.

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This hack is also fun for kids because they can get more hits in before dad gets burnt out. It's a win-win! Try it out for yourself and send us the video in our app.

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