Jake Owen is sporting a cast for the new year, and he turned to social media to share with fans how he broke his wrist while trying to warn his daughter, Pearl, "what not to do."

Owen turned to Instagram on Friday (Jan. 3) to post a video from the car after getting fitted with a cast.

"I was riding a skateboard in my driveway with my little girl, Pearl, trying to show her what no to do," he recounts. "And I showed her what not to do, all right ... don't break your wrist, Pearl," he states, holding up his wrist in a cast for emphasis.

Owen says he'll be all healed up for some important events he already has on the books for 2020. The news broke on Friday that he's hitting the road with Lady Antebellum and Maddie & Tae beginning in May for Lady A's Ocean 2020 Tour, and he says he'll be fine by then.

Owen, who aspired to be a pro golfer before an injury put an end to that dream, still plays very actively in celebrity tournaments, and he says he'll also be ready to go for the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am tournament in early February, in which he's partnered with Jordan Spieth.

"They say 4-6 weeks' healing on this thing, but I'm a fast healer, and I'll be good," Owen notes. "I'm gonna drink some Kryptonite or something. I'll be all right."

A few minutes later, Owen returned with another video, saying he had just received a sign that his wrist would, indeed, be fine. He explained that right after he posted the previous message, Maren Morris' "The Bones" started playing on his car radio.

"I really feel like Maren was talking directly to me. She knew what was happening with my thumb, and she said ..." Owen introduced, before breaking into a seemingly impromptu rendition of the song, with the lyrics humorously altered to reflect his situation:

"If the bones are good, the rest don't matter / And if you get yourself a splint, everything will feel better / You can play in Pebble Beach / Don't worry, Jordan Spieth / I'm gonna be okay in four to six weeks / If the bones are good."

Owen released his most recent album, Greetings From ... Jake, in March of 2019. The album's first single, "I Was Jack (You Were Diane)," reached No. 1 on Billboard's Country Airplay chart, followed by another Top 10 hit in "Down to the Honkytonk." His current single is "Homemade."

Owen and his former wife, Lacey, welcomed their daughter, Olive Pearl, in 2012. They divorced in 2015. Owen welcomed a baby girl named Paris Hartley Owen with his girlfriend, Erica Hartlein, in April of 2019.

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